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Overnight Camel Trekking Merzouga – Morocco Camels Ride

Merzouga Camel trekking for an overnight desert camp under stars. Overnight Camel trek Morocco.
1 Night From Merzouga To Merzouga Trip Starts 4/5pm
From €40 /person
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Discription of overnight Merzouga camel trekking

Overnight camel trekking Merzouga is great desert excursion in Erg Chebbi dunes. riding a camel crossing sand dunes to spend the night Berber desert camp. Moreover watch magical sunset, sunrise and shining stars.

Morocco Camel Trekking is new experience and different adventure. it’s also considered best Sahara trips in Merzouga. This camel tour is definitely an experience everyone should try at lest once in their life time.

We offer tow desert camps options for overnight camel trek Merzouga. The standard Berber desert camp. and luxury desert camp. in both options we offer excellent food and Berber traditional music.

Merzouga is a small town out on the edge of the Sahara Desert of Erg Chebbi. Merzouga is only 20 km away from Algerian border where the paved road ends and the real Sahara Desert sand dunes begin. Merzouga desert is the most common destination in Morocco for Camel treks and desert camps.

Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes
Overnight Camel Trekking Merzouga
Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes
Merzouga Camel Trekking

What to expect in 1 night Merzouga camel trekking ?

The camel trekking and overnight Merzouga desert camp is an excursion starts daily from Merzouga village, Edge of Erg Chebbi dunes.
We usually start camel ride at 4 pm. The camel will take you for 1 h 30 min exploring the golden sand dunes. this is great opportunity to take amazing pictures.
Before you reach to camp you will stop and climb high dune to watch the wonderful sunset. they said it’s one of the best sunset in the planet.
Then you will go to your camp and Berber guide will welcome you by glass of mint tea. here you will know more about the Berber’s culture.
After delicious Tagine at dinner you will have a party the men in the camp will use traditional drums to entertain you. also you will have chance to play and dance. then free time to walk on dunes and watch shining stars

Highlights of Merzoug camel trekking

  • Ride a camel in Erg Chebbi to watch the colour-changing sunset
  • Spend the night at a Berber desert camp at the Sahara desert
  • Watch magical stary night
  • Nomads and Berbers desert Experience

Itinerary overnight camel trek Merzouga

Frist day of 1 night camel trekking and overnight desert camp start daily at 4 /5 pm in Merzouga edge of Erg Chebbi. It’s recommended to arrive afternoon early to attend sunset.
You will ride your camel for 1 h 30 min explore spectacular view of golden sand dunes. Before you reach the desert camp you will stop to climb high sand dune to watch beautiful sunset.

continue camel ride to arrive to the desert camp in the middle of the sand sea of Sahara. the team will show you the camp and your tent. and serve you min tea.
After delicious dinner at the camp the Berber guide will start traditional music using drums. yo will have opportunity to play and dance.
Then you will be free for romantic walk on sand dunes to watch grazing and shining starts. with big change to see a shooting star. Enjoy overnight camp trekking Merzouga, Morocco.

Second day starts with an early morning to watch amzing sunrise behind the dunes. the color of sand is changing as the day is processing.
Breakfast and shower in the camp if you select Luxury desert camp. if you choose normal standard Berber camp, you will have breakfast and shower after camel ride back to Merzouga town.

Merzouga camel trek price :

1 night Merzouga camel trek price is depending on the season and accommodation choice, it can start from €40 per person for Standard Berber camp, 100 Euro; per person for Luxury desert camp

What's price included ?
  • Camel ride ( a camel each person )
  • Camel guide ( desert man to guide to the camp)
  • Private tents in the camp ( private bathroom in luxury camp )
  • breakfast and dinner
  • Car parking ( if you come with rent car)
  • Safe room in guesthouse to leave unnecessary luggage and for shower (Standard camp option)
What's price not included ?
  • Drinks (alcoholic drinks )
  • Guides tips ( optional )
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are most questions asked by travelers overnight camel trekking Merzouga, Morocco.

How to book 1 night Merzouga Camel Treking Tour?

After you chick our offer and read all details, send a message via Email or WhatsApp. Informing us what you are interesting in. To confirm any tour or activity, we require a small deposit to be paid over PayPal to our account, the balance is due in cash at the meeting point in Euros, Dollars or equivalent in dirham. Once you send a deposit means your booking is confirmed.

Difference between standard & luxury desert camps ?

Simple standard desert camp is a group black tents, you will have your private tent and shared restroom. In the morning you will have breakfast and shower in our guest house after you ride camels back from desert.

Sahara desert luxury camp is a group of white tents. You will have private more decorated tent and private toilet and shower with hot water, The food is well orgnised and diverse . In the morning you will have breakfast at the camp before you ride camels back

How to get to Merzouga desert?

  1. If you choose our Morocco desert tours the program is included camel trekking and night in desert camp, our diver will get you to right place.
  2. If you come by rent car we will meet you in a hotel in Merzouga, we will provide you hotel location through email a time of booking.t
  3. By public transport, there is daily bus from Fes called SUBRATOR , it gets Merzouga at 6:oo am. If you come from MARRAKECH there is same but gets at 20:00 pm. One of our guides will be waiting for at thr bus station. For mor info about the bus visit www.supratours.ma

Is it possible to reach the camp without riding the camels ?

To get to Desert camp in the middle of sand dunes there other means of transport rather than the camels as : take 4WD car or by ATVs quad biking, And also by trekking or walking.

What is best time to visit Morcco Sahara desert ?

Best time to visit Merzouga & Erg Chebbi Sahara desert is from September to November. And From February to May. Summer ( July and august ) in Merzouga Sahara is hot averaging around 45ºC during the day. but at nigh the weather is okay.
Our visitors go afternoon late and come back early morning. and during the winter (December and January ) in desert is very cold specially at night or early morning but our camp is equipped with enough mattresses and blankets. We are available the whole year.

Map of 1 night Merzouga camel trekking excursion

Morocco Camel trekking reviews

Morocco Camel trekking reviews, read what our costumers said about overnight camel trekking Merzouga. Erg Che desert excursions and Morocco camel tours.

Malika AI Traveler
"Oernight Camel Trekking Merzouga, Morocco"

"We had an amazing time on the overnight camel trek Merzouga. the Sahara desert of Erg Chebbi was wonderful.
The food was incredible.the best food we had in Morocco! Accommodations were comfortable luxury tent and in a beautiful location in the sand dunes.
Really a great experience. Thanks so much to the Top Sahara Trips for an awesome trip and great experience."

Mike M Traveler
"Merzouga Camel Trek, Erg Chebbi Desert Excursion"

"We booked 1 night Merzouga Camel trek with Top Sahara Trips. The camel ride was great adventure and desert was amazing. the Berber camp was very nice in good location around dunes.
We love this camel trip in Morocco. Erg Chbbi dunes are high and good for pictures. we saw beautiful sunset in the camels."

Lena E Traveler
"Merzouga camel trekking experience."

"We had great experience in Morocco. the Merzouga camel trekking experience was the highlight of our Morocco vacation. the trip in Sahara with camel ride. also spend unforgettable night in Erg Chebbi Luxury desert camp.
The Berber guide are nice. the food was the best. the Berber music were nice . don’t hesitate to book your camel trekking excursions with Top Sahara Trips."

Kawter B Traveler
"Merzouga Luxury desert camp"

"We travel to Morocco and booked Merzouga camel trekking tour. the the best was Merzouga Luxury desert camp, also the camel ride was nice."

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Your Accommodations

The accommodation for overnigh camel trek Merzouga we offer 2 camps options. The simple standard desert camp and Luxury desert camp

Option 1 : Standard desert camp Option 2 : Luxury desert camp

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Camel ride in Merzouga, Morocco. And spend the night in Desert Camp. Berber Standard Tents, Luxury Sahara Desert Camps.

Note :The tour program of overnight camel trekking Merzouga can be modified to your needs and requirements. Feel free to contact us to customize your Morocco camel tours.

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